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I can deliver Great Cello and Real String Arrangements Recorded on Your Projects, in a matter of only a couple of days, a few hours, even minutes!

Working this way is an advantage to Both of Us, thanks to High Speed Internet.

After years on the road, I've come to know that traveling can be time consuming, as well as energetically and creatively draining. I am now fully equipped to record at home, through my computer, a great Audio Interface and Mics that you would find in the best studios. I have successfully worked this process of receiving Stereo Mixes or MIDI Files via Internet, Recording my tracks over them here in my Studio, then sending my tracks back via a special download page on my site, in full Audio to your specs. (All the usual professional sample rates & file types)

I am very fast in creating (or re-creating) lines and harmonies, and even faster at recording myself because I already know the balances I want to hear and where I need to go back to, to punch in, editing, etc.  In fact, I work best this way and the finished tracks have more integrity and are more thoughtfully done.

I have had years of experience playing on Songs & Soundtracks of all kinds. See my Resume and Biography for more details, but I can assure you that I am comfortable in All Styles of music (except certain Folkloric Styles). I played Classical Music in NYC for many years and have been improvising and creating my own music since 1986. In NYC, I played on Broadway, listening to those arrangers and great musicians every night, as well as having an almost intimate relationship with the great Classical Composers since I was young.

After I began to improvise, I played with Jazz, Latin, Funk, Pop, Country, Heavy Metal, Techno, New Age, Easy Listening and every style in between.

You will save studio time, phone calls, arrangers fees & travel expenses, and you will have great live string tracks that DO make the difference in a quality production.

Payment can be arranged through PayPal or Direct Deposit Money Transfer.

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