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AnneBruce Falconer, choreographer, dancer, and artist has created CRUX, an installation of sculpture, video, music, movement and bodily presence sketching out a journey through a distorted hereafter.

She travels through the installation connecting, conversing and transforming it.  

The installation is not only kept alive by human presence, but also kept in a constant state of change.

The tactile, sculptural environment is created by Randal Newman, supported by the haunting and transcending music of Erich Kory, and projected images of air, trees, color, and wind are the work of videographer & animator John Douglas.


CRUX consists of seven modules, all interchangeable in order and physical placement. Each module can stand on its own or as part of the whole, customized to fit each venue.  There will be prescribed presentation times for the live interaction, but the inanimate installation stands well on it's own when the Live element is not present.

1.  The black Box – A velvet lined wooden box, representing the womb, rebirth, death, the hereafter.

2.  The Cotton Pillar – A hanging pillar of cotton strips with attached syringes, vials, various prostheses representing addiction, isolation and disfigurement.

3.  The circle of Salt – 5-foot circle of salt, video projection of clouds, restrained hostage, bullet ridden corridor representing war, injustice, torture, inhumanity, broken oath.

4.  The Tree of Arms – 25 arms attached to a 7’ tree branch, in front of 2 wooden blocks with projection of a single rotating tree representing genocide and lost souls.

5.  The Confessional – Chair covered in crucifixes against a wall hanging a single crucifix representing the autocracies of organized religion, seduction, gagging of individual thought, deceit of promises.

6.  Vesalius – Kaleidoscope trees projection mixed with Vesalius drawings representing thought, reflection and mortality.

7.  The spiral Forest of Pillars – 10 6x6” artist prepared pillars of varying heights with a changing, grounded spiral of teeth representing memory.


We live in a deceptive time where technology and the digital world has changed our idea of what the human regard will bear in the way of distortion. It has taken on a new dimension.

CRUX is a poetic, unplugged reflection on the question of faith, humanity and the soul.

Ideal venues for this Installation are Museums, Art Galleries, Theater Lobbies, or any secure location where the public can circulate freely within the installation.





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